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Back Pain SmartSite TM
Information To Help You Make Smart Decisions
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    Causes of Back Pain
    What's Causing Your Pain?

    Take the Back Pain Assessment to determine your next steps.

    Take the assessment
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    Caring for your Back Pain
    Are you managing your Back Pain?

    Learn about therapy, medications, injections, and self care.

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    Surgical Procedures for Back Pain
    Considering Back Surgery?
    Take the Back Surgery Decision Aid
    to determine if surgery is right for you. TAKE THE ASSESSMENT
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    Low Back Pain Assessment
    Now may be a good time to learn more about your low back pain and the ways it may be treated.

    Take just 3 minutes to answer a few questions. At the end, you will receive a personal profile about your back pain and how you can begin to approach this problem.

    But remember, this information does not replace talking with your health care provider about your symptoms and how to treat them.

    Get started
  • Welcome To The
    Back Surgery Decision Aid

    Back surgery may or may not be the right choice for you. Only careful discussion with your doctor can help you decide.

    This Decision Aid will lead you through five steps. Some of these steps will begin with a few questions. You can then read and learn about back surgery, based on the answers you have given.

    As you read, ask yourself these questions:

    • How severe are my symptoms?
    • How are my symptoms affecting my life?
    • Have I looked into all the non-surgery treatments?
    • Do I understand what I can expect from surgery?
    • Do these outcomes match up with what I hope expect from surgery?

    You may print out your personal report and bring it to your health care provider, if you wish.

    Get started
  • HIPAA Disclaimer
    Your Personal Health Information
    Disclaimer: I understand that I am voluntarily submitting personal information that relates to my health status. This information is not intended to be used for providing healthcare services or for the payment for any past, present or future healthcare services. I understand that by voluntarily submitting the data electronically, the data may be accessed, used or disclosed by a third-party. By submitting this data, I waive any rights to privacy, security or confidentiality of such data provided by state or federal laws.

    Authorization: Through my electronic submission, I hereby submit and authorize the release of the personally identifiable health information requested by the electronic surveys and data contained within the A.D.A.M.'s SmartSites™ "Program", to A.D.A.M. Inc. I hereby authorize the disclosure of my individually identifiable health information for the purposes of performing a health assessment and for the purposes of Program. The personal health information may be used or disclosed by Program and its administrators for business management and operations. I understand that A.D.A.M. Inc. is not a healthcare provider and this Program will not condition my ability to obtain treatment, payment for healthcare services or eligibility for enrollment for health benefits. I also acknowledge and agree that by submitting such information I understand that I am waiving any confidentiality, privacy or security protections provided by State and federal laws and the information may be subject to re-disclosure. I also understand that I may revoke this authorization by submitting a written revocation statement to to cease the further use or disclosure of the personally identifiable health information. A.D.A.M. Inc. and its users may rely upon this authorization to use and disclose the submitted information prior to receipt of the written revocation notice. This authorization shall be effective on the date the information is submitted and valid for the term that this Program is available for use or for the time period permitted by state law, whichever is longer.

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